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LC-LC OM4 DX Patch Cord
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LC-LC OM4 DX Patch Cord

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OM4 as the MM fiber next level supporting all the existing MM applications is a wise investor option to safe guard the data center..
OM4 fiber cables and assemblies maximize cabling design flexibility for 850nm laser applications up to Gigabit/Sec, extending for each MM fiber and stretching power budgets to provide more opera points thereby maximizing the ultility of the low cost and low power optical transceivers.
OM4 LC-LC duplex patch cord are accomodated per custom required, bend insensitive OM4 fiber type are also available

- Low insertion loss and high return loss

- 10G data transmitting rates

- Optimized option for extending 850nm

- Polish: PC , UPC

- IEC, RoHS compliant

- Data Cener

- Fiber optic communication networks

- Optical access network