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LSZH Fiber Patch Cord

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LSZH sometimes is also called LSOH, whether it is a "Z" or an "O" in the name, it stands for the same word "zero". The full name of LSZH is Low Smoke Zero Halogen. We supply a wide range of LSZH fiber optic cables and LSZH fiber optic patch cords.

LSZH fiber optic patch cord inner structure is just like common fiber optic cables, and the function and technique parameter is also similar, the difference is the jackets, LSZH fiber optic jackets is more fire-resistant compared with common PVC jacketed cables, even when they are caught in fire, the burned LSZH cables provide low smoke and no halogen substances, this feature is not only environment protective but the low smoke when it got burned is also important to people and facilities in the fired place.

LSZH fiber optic cables and LSZH fiber optic patch cords are required for the Rosh compliant cable assemblies, but Rosh standard is more strict besides it require the cables to be LSZH type. LSZH fiber optic patch cables are used widely used in high buildings, airports, libraries, etc where expensive equipment would be damaged if exposed to corrosive gases, and they are also used in crowded areas like commercial centers and sports centers. We are manufacturer and supplier of the LSZH fiber optic patch cables.